Monday, July 11, 2005

About the Charities

(Taken from the rally website)

In East Africa 85 per cent of the people depend on small-scale farming to survive. Land is often scarce and native cows give only 1-2 litres of milk per day. Send a Cow provides families with a cross-bred cow whose milk yield is very high - up to 14 litres a day. Livestock provided by Send a Cow provide a lasting solution for desperately poor farmers in Africa, enabling them to combat malnutrition with protein-rich milk and earn an income from the sale of the surplus milk. Manure from cows and other livestock can also double and even treble milk yields, making a real difference to families dependent on tiny plots of exhausted soil for their living. They use their animals' manure to fertilise their small plots of often exhausted soil - many now harvest three or four times more than they used to. Families are able to improve their diets with milk, eggs, meat and honey, and sell the surplus to bring in desperately needed income. Many families invest some of this money in other money-earning ventures, such as more land and livestock or a small shop. Most use it to keep their children in school.

A third of Mongolian children live in poverty, exacerbated by the country's harsh winters. The first two years of this century have seen some of the harshest winters on record following on from very dry summers – over two million livestock died, farming was devastated and homeless people's lives were threatened. To find out more about how Save the Children is working to alleviate child poverty and hardship in Mongolia follow this link


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