Monday, November 21, 2005

Chilly Reunion

Just got back from the reunion on Saturday night in a barn near Chichester. It was great to see everyone who made it but understandably tough to look back at all the images and reminisce about last summer through rose-tinted (or thick barbecue smoke-tinted) specs.
An excellent jazz band kept things lively, and a feast of a barbecue fuelled us against the cold. Outside it was a crisp -4 but inside the barn it was a balmy zero degrees, mainly thanks to a jet engine gas heater and the barbecue.

Some people were already gearing up for next year and quite a few people had come along for a few pointers. I got a lift back to Oxford from Sergei who might do it next summer. The best bit about that was that we zipped back to Oxford through thick fog on empty roads in his super-trusty F reg Panda 4x4, ah the memories!


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