Monday, August 01, 2005

1:En Route live from Checkpoint high tea

Rally Massive
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Got off to a great start getting onto an earlier ferry...then got a puncture in Belgium. Luke's all nighter on Saturday began to show as he totalled an unimpressive 1 hour behind the wheel yesterday (Sunday) leaving me with a more respectful 9 hours to get to Nurnberg. Camped in Erlangen.

Glad to be off the Autobahns where we were very much confined to the slow and boring lane. Luke managed only to graffiti the parking lots with MBBR stencils between naps.

PRAGUE! Lovely (girls) "I will marry here" - Luke Cardew 01.08.05

Tomorrow its off to Krakow - Keep an eye on our txt updates at

and have a look at all the other photos on our picture site by clicking on the one here.

Ps. kkrrrrr & kkkwwwwww were very helpful.(See photo of Margit from Casa Leone)


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